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The Performance Conversations coaching and workshops, and demonstrating how to bring open/honest communication across our department has produced many benefits in the past 12 months. Positive impacts have been seen in retention of associates, easier recruitment through referrals made by current associates, client recognition, process improvements and efficiency gains. Above all, we are certain we have the `the right seats` for our associates.


Vice President, Marketing, Insurance Services

Just in the last two weeks alone, I have noticed I am able to approach multiple tasks calmly and it has allowed me to be more productive for my organization. Prioritizing and completing tasks and feeling confident about my decisions has actually allowed my unit to get more done without incurring overtime costs.


State-Wide College Board

My teams are located in the US, Mexico, France, Canada and abroad. We have spent so much money on training attempts to work better together. Nothing stuck until we started working with StrategyClicks. In addition to watching my teams put the skills to use right away, I surveyed them at 12 months and 18 months after the workshops and coaching.

Even I was surprised by how much they all remember and still use. Shelley and her team have a way of working with people to form new habits. This has made all the difference in our culture, our results and our profit margins.


Senior Chief Engineer, Aerospace and Manufacturing

The biggest impacts I see are in how each salesperson views his/her individual learning goals. Each person is taking ownership of agreed upon learning goals as a means of furthering professional and personal development. Achievement of more developed technical and sales skills will undoubtably lead to greater sales success and result in a healthier bottom line.


Vice President, Chemical Engineering and Solutions