New Year’s Resolutions

Only 8% of all new year’s resolutions are accomplished? What is going on? How can we improve our chances that we will succeed?

Our Threat Response

Question: My company now has a new vacation policy that gives us fewer days than before? I’m upset. Action: We can manage our reactions to change much better when we

Minimizing Personal Chatter

One of our followers asks a question about company meetings that involve a lot of “personal talk.” Company organizations often offer opportunities for colleagues to socialize and exchange personal information.

Meeting Etiquette

This question comes from a follower who wonders what to do about a colleague who consistently arrives to meetings late. Not only does it cause a disruption to the meeting,

Making Changes

My boss doesn’t seem to want to make any changes. It is getting frustrating for those of us who have been with the company for a while. What can we

Clarify Questions

This question comes from a follower who has been transferred from one job to the next. Four assignments in four years. What does it mean and what message is the


Motivation on your team may seem low even when you have provided clear direction, goals and a vision, and more. What does it take for people to work at 100%

3 Important Words

Question: When you are stumped by questions from your team that you don’t know the answers to, what is you natural reaction? Do you want to run and hide? Do

Recipe For Success

My team is under pressure to produce a new plan for building our customer base.  No one is able to come up with anything new.  I think we have “writer’s

Meeting Audits

Our business culture today generally requires that we attend lots and lots of meetings.  Often these meetings seem to be a “time suck” and a waste of time, particularly when