What makes strategy click?

StrategyClicks uses strategic performance and leadership analysis, facilitation, onsite learning labs, skill development and executive coaching to help clients build business environments where people and performance thrive. When People Click, StrategyClicks!


We all know of leaders who are truly magnetic. People and customers naturally gravitate toward them. They are powerful but do not need to use force. They get things done by engaging others, not by ordering people to do the job.

StrategyClicks, Inc.® specializes in Executive and Leadership Coaching for professional and technical industries.

Professionals  making the leap from technical expert to team leader can be a daunting and confidence-killing experience. For companies who require professionals to lead and manage others, this can be a costly business risk.

Using a concentrated approach, our executive coaches work with your leaders to discover new and powerful ways to grow to make decisions and develop clarity. Each leader will discover new and untapped abilities that bring out the best in others. As a sustainable business advantage, executive coaching translates your leadership into specific, relevant and profitable results.

Coaching is a powerful, behavior-based collaborative relationship between you and your coach.

Coaching connects through a process of discovery and strategic action that focuses on the development of human potential.

Coaching adds value to organizations when their leaders discover how to think and plan more strategically. They manage risk more effectively, and they draw the best from people who work with them.

Unequivocally, coaching translates to personal and professional growth, and financial and operational growth for your business.

Assessing and analyzing your current systems for goal setting, communication, and execution and the way your teams interact with these systems could improve your organization’s performance.  As your performance consultants, we look for the ways to create those environments where teams thrive and performance and productivity improve.

We listen in a new way—and then we ask a different kind of question.

We ask questions that work – for you!

Questions that are relevant, challenging, customized, and compelling.
Questions that spark dynamic, fresh, and surprising ideas.
Questions that focus your strategy so it is productive, inspiring, and efficient.
Questions that inspire your company’s creativity, candor, accountability and action!

Questions are the most powerful means to get the conversation started.  You know this!

As we work through our assessment and systems coaching, we create a unique energy on your team that causes change – from the inside out.  Change that is sustainable and reproducible.

Examine and build on the deep values of your company and discover new and powerful ways for your teams to work together.

Companies are networks of people. Our clients realize that business systems designed to fight human nature end up wasting time, energy and millions of dollars.

Research tells us that organizations that learn new skills together are better able to adapt to the challenges of their business and increase their capacity for dealing with opportunities of revenue growth, cost cutting, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

StrategyClicks delivers custom skills laboratories and workshops based on specific challenges your company faces and that are relevant to your people.

Participants learn skills they can apply immediately to their daily work life and to the projects on which they are working.

For example, giving and receiving feedback has become a common topic of learning, and yet when we ask people HOW to have that feedback be effective, we get a blank stare.  HOW to give and receive effective feedback is a skill.

>See our portfolio for other examples.

Our approaches are tailored to our clients’ needs.   We ensure the learning and skills are embedded through a system of coaching and internal feedback.

We offer powerful and popular keynote addresses designed to spark discussion, improve relatedness, and add to the value of your meeting, retreat, workshop, or conference.

These addresses can be customized to fit with your goals for the session.  With just a short keynote, your audience or team can leave the room with skills that they can use immediately!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”


Topics to consider include:

Effective Communications Starts with Powerful Listening

As listeners we can impact the quality of a conversation through a few simple tools.  Build trust and respect within your team by starting with the power of listening,

Powerful Speakers Choose the Right Words

What if choosing the right words could impact the quality of your communication? There are words in our language that will cause our power and effectiveness to leak right out of our toes.  Create new language for powerful communication, influence, feedback and results.

Shelley Roberts

Shelley’s disarming, professional – and fun! – style allows for a creative and innovative process to develop leaders who produce results that are immediate, that matter, and that last. Building on 19 years of experience in business, executive coaching and human performance, Shelley creates tools designed for how the brain and business naturally work together to help our clients create strategies and leadership approaches that energize the organization.

Prior to launching her consulting practice, Shelley was the Vice President of Corporate Leadership and Development for a national insurance services company. Shelley’s clients range from Fortune 100 companies to the Department of Defense to organizations in high-tech, aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas, and other industries.
With an MBA specializing in leadership and performance, Shelley has been a faculty member and curriculum consultant for the MBA and leadership programs at City University of Seattle, Bellevue College and Everett Community College. In addition, Shelley is a Certified Executive Coach, has an Associate in Risk Management, and is a faculty member for the US Navy’s Lean Six Sigma College where she teaches the people side of continuous process improvement.

Judy Yu

Judy promotes the many training and educational programs of StrategyClicks and is responsible for new product development. She also conducts workshops to build effective leadership skills.

Prior to working with StrategyClicks, Judy has worked in higher education as a faculty member with Shoreline Community College. As a private consultant in PR and communications, her clients have included the University of Washington Alumni Association, King County Sheriff’s Office, Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus, Nordstrom, and many others.